Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Extreme 2010

Monday, December 27th, Tyler, Libby, Lyndi, Stiles, Adam, Jessica, Stuart, Bro Frank and I left the church parking lot for Gatlinburg and Winter Extreme.  We were going to get to see Skillet, Francesca Battestelli, News boys, Mercy Me all in concert and hear some truly awesome Christian speakers.  We would be busy, busy, busy....but found time for good food, good fellowship, and fun...we would return on Wednesday, the 29th....tired....but on top of the mountain.  We cannot wait til next year...and we are going to register early so we can have a hotel in Gatlinburg and not have to drive from Pidgeon Forge.

The motley crew on the day we left the church.  It was so cold.  Frank and I were concerned about the snowfall that had occured over Christmas, but when we checked the road conditions we knew were going to be ok.  The picture below is just exactly what the trees looked like when we arrived in Gatlinburg to check in.

Our first good view of snow on the mountain tops.  It was absolutely breathtaking there.

First night concert

Debriefing after first nights servce and planning Day 2.
Day 2 begins......we ate breakfast at Subway because it was near the Convention Center. 

Lunch at Bubba Gumps.  Yummmy!

Crystal Angel Libby at the Village during some down time.  Isn't she lovely!
We ate lunch late today so tonight we are ordering pizza in at the motel.  I think they all like pizza.  Food for teenagers is difficult sometimes.
Day 3 - Our final service

Snow in the medians as we left Gatlinburg.  We stopped at a Pancake House for lunch/breakfast and headed back to Alabama.  It was an AWESOME trip!  I can't wait for next year!